As a boy Casey grew up in the southeast US. He took interest in Music as a teen and began playing out at the age of 14 in Alabama. After a long stint with the rock band Hot Rod Circuit, in which played guitar and pedal steel, Casey recorded his first country album, The Hurtin’ Kind, in 2006. It featured Hot Rod Circuit Drummer Dan Duggins and a group of local players as well as out of town session guests. After half a year of local playing, and sometimes playing at the end of Drag The River sets on the road, Casey did a short tour with Salt Lake City’s Alt country band The Band of Annuals. Utilizing their players as back up musicians.

Things had pretty much run it’s course, and Casey was nearly done with music before he met Kevin Finn. Kevin was a drummer that had moved to town from Austin Texas. Kevin’s musical ability and determination jump started Casey’s band now called Casey James Prestwood and The Burning Angels. Now the band is about to embark on another tour out east. They have 3 albums recorded with 2 more in the works. The Burning Angels can be seen in Denver frequently, but play all over the state.


Casey James Prestwood
Lead singer rhythm guitarist, Casey is the song writer of the group. Born in Virginia, he grew up going to the Mullet festivals in Florida. He has played Pedal Steel guitar for rock and country bands. Casey is a proud father and husband.


Kevin Finn
Kevin hails from Mt. Vernon, Illinois and has been drumming his whole life. You can catch him playing C + C drums. He is a proud father. Check out Kev’s surf band the Aquasonics. Kevin also sings a fine harmony in the group.


Jamie Davis
Stage name Mad Dog. Hailing from State College Pennsylvania and residing in Boulder, Jamie has a back ground in blue grass and loves honky tonkin! Please check out Jamie’s other band Kristina Murray and Two Hearted Jones


Jeffrey Martin
Jeff started playing music in 94. He is an east coast guy from small town New Hampshire. Jeff has a background in both Country and Rock bands, including, The Dirty Union with drummer Kevin Finn.


Jeremi Hanson
Jeremi sings real pretty. She grew up singing in church. She is a founding member of Salt Lake City’s Band of Annuals. Casey met Jeremi back in 2006, and has been singing like a bird with him since. She was born in Utah, but currently resides in San Francisco.


John Macy
Steel Guitarist and 2 time producer for the burning Angels. John runs a studio full time and is a session steel guitar player. John has worked with Nitty Gritty Band, Richie Furray, Los Lobos, Ricky Skaggs, and local’s The Rail Benders.