Casey Prestwood - Lead Singer / Guitars

Casey is the song writer of the group. Born in Virginia, raised in the south, he grew up influenced by family musicians.  Founding member of rock band Hot Rod Circuit, Casey has also had tenures with Colorado's Drag The River and many other national acts. Aside from music, Casey is a proud father and husband.

Jeff Martin - Bass guitar / Vocals

Originally from NH, Jeff has been playing bass for over 20 years.  Nothing flashy here, just straight and narrow.

Dave Knodle - Telecaster

This young gun has been playing around Denver for longer than seems possible.  He's got the chops to back it up.  He likes fashionable sunglasses and small talk.  

Cooper Dickerson - Pedal Steel

Another young yet experienced addition to the BA squad.  Multi instrumentalist who spends his time learning and teaching while not on stage.

Kevin Finn - Drums / Vocals

Hailing from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, Kevin has played in multiple acts in Colorado from punk/garage/ska/rock.  Finn is currently sponsored by C&C drums out of Kansas.